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Welcome to the "Barrow Raiders RLFC Development Fund" Website which

has been set up with the specific aim of raising enough funds to develop

Craven Park into a Super League standard stadium!


BUT... to make this a success its incredibly important that we get the

message out to as many people as possible by simply passing the word from

family member to family member and then from friend to friend. It really is that simple!!

If we are to succeed with this target we need to spread the word - and fast?


By visiting this website you have shown support! You don’t have to be a regular at

Barrow matches, you merely have to have an interest in the club, either because

you are from the area or because you know someone who is a regular supporter.


Barrow Raiders has supporters all over the world. By spreading the word about

this website you will play a big part in the future development of Craven Park and

Barrow Raiders.


Every visitor to this site can take the first step towards showing your support by

visiting the “Register Your Support” section at any time. By doing this we can keep you in the loop with some fantastic "Easy Fundraising" ideas that cost you absolutely nothing (apart from a few minutes of your time). These simple fundraising ideas could benefit the development of Craven Park massively over the course of the next year or so


Please feel free to read "About the Development Fund" including "The Vision" and "Our Progress so far". These sections should give you a feel of what we are trying to achieve and why.


The Gallery area will be updated along with regular news updates so please feel free to call back.


Finally, every visitor to this site is urged to register your support before reading through the section under "how you can help".


Please remember, every name, every visitor, every donation, every person you tell... it indicates to potential sponsors and backers the level of support the club has from both active and non-active supporters... THE FUTURE OF BARROW RAIDERS AND CRAVEN PARK REALLY IS IN OUR HANDS!