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Friday 12th March 2010

For those of you going to the dinner at Crofters tonight please note that everyone is meeting at 7.30pm for an 8pm start.  The proceedings will begin on time (allegedly) so please try to be there early.


In attendance from the club will be Des, Jon Livesey, Steve McCormack, Dave Clark, Liam Campbell, Brett McDermott, Martin Ostler plus at least two other players (possibly 5 others) so it promises to be a good night.


Anyone not attending the dinner but who wants to call in for a drink and a craic when we have finished our meal is more than welcome.


Des tells me that he will be making some sort of speech (try to stop him!!)to update us all on what the latest news is coming out of Craven Park


Friday night is quiz night at Crofters and the quiz usually gets underway around 10pm.  The bar doesn't shut until 1am at the earliest.



Friday 12th February 2010




Brett McDermott’s Testimonial Sportsman’s Dinner


27th February 2010 – 7 pm

Lisdoonie Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness


Main Guest – John Kear

Comedian – Mike King

Auctioneer – Howard Whitaker


Tickets £25 each available from:    


Bright Ideas, Cavendish Street, Barrow

The Rugby Shop, Scott Street, Barrow


Dress: Smart/Casual



Tuesday 2nd February 2010

Good morning all,

With the new season starting to splutter into action we can all look forward to some competitive action this Sunday when Blackpool Panthers come to town in the Northern Rail Cup.  I hope to ssee you all there.

Easyfundraising continues to bring money in for ther Development Fund but (as I have said before) we are way short of maximising our income from this initiative.

YOU CAN HELP AT NO COST TO YOURSELF and raise a good amount for free.  Take a look at the following "freebies" on the site and get into them.

BeOnScreen                  #0.05

Blockbuster                 #4.00

CJM_WhiskasKitten           #0.55

Coca Cola - CokeZone            #0.50

Free Orange SIM Cards           #0.30

Go Mobile                   #0.50

James Villas                    #0.12

LA Fitness                  #1.50

O2 Free Sim                 #0.15

Pedigree Puppy Club Campaign    #0.35

T Mobile pay as you go CPL Campaign (Push)                          #1.00

Tesco Free SIM Campaign (Push)  #0.60

Thomson Holidays            #0.20

VCM_Optical Express         #2.50

Which?                          #9.00

The above add up to over #20 in "commission" for the club so it is well worth the half hour or so it will take tou to do this.  WITH OVER 500 OF YOU RECEIVING THIS EMAIL THAT IS A TIDY #10,000 UP FOR GRABS!!!

Also please consider setting up "Easysearch" as your home page and make 0.5p every time you search the web.  If we had 500 people doing 10 searches a week that would be well over #1,200 a year for nowt!!

Sounds easy - well that is because it is - please give it a go.  I know a number of you are bothered about being plagued by emails from the companies but whilst you will get one or two it really isn't anything to bother about.

If you have any problems or issues with any of this please don't hesitate to contact me on [email protected]



Tuesday 19th January 2010

It seems that some fans are unaware that there is a friendly match v Workington Town at Craven Park TONIGHT - kick off 7.30pm.


Admission prices: Adults #10, OAP's #5, Children #2.


With Town fielding several former Barrow players it should be an interesting clash.


Can everybody please forward this email on to as many people as possible (via email, facebook and whatever other clever things exist these days) in order to spread the word far and wide.



Sunday 10th January 2010


Following the success of the pre-xmas dinner at Crofters in November we are going to put on a similar event in March.

After discussing the matter with Steve McCormack we have agreed to hold the event at Crofter's on Friday March 12th.  This is a week after the Championship season gets underway and that weekend we have a 'bye'.

The format will be the same as last time with players, coaches and directors spread around the room to give supporters chance to chat with them whilst enjoying a three course meal.

An added bonus this time will be the attendance of Des Johnston who will no doubt update us all on what is happening at Craven Park in his own inimitable way LOL.

After the meal (and a couple of short speeches) there will be opportunity to mix socially with the lads and discuss the season so far.

As last time tickets will be priced at £20 a person for a three course meal (menu to be advised) and these will be sold on a first come first served basis.

To reserve your ticket please email me directly at [email protected]



Monday 28th December 2009

Today's League v Union match at Craven Park is definitely ON.

The two coaches (Dave Clark and Darren Holt)along with Phil Atky have just inspected the pitch and declared it fine to play on.

The match kicks off at 2pm and admission is £5 (£2 for children and OAPs).



Friday 18th December 2009


This unique match will be between a Dave Clark (Rugby League) select side against a Darren Holt (Rugby Union) select side.  One half will be played under RL rules and the other under RU rules.

Admission will be #5 for adults and #2 for children and OAPs.  The proceeds will be split between the Barrow RLFC Development Fund and Furness RUFC.

Players already signed up for Dave's side include Phil Atkinson, Neil Atkinson, Dean Marwood and of course dave himself.  [b]Any other former Barrow players (or indeed anyone else) wishing to play in this match should contact Dave Clark on 07714100183 as soon as possible.[/b] Dave is keen to get a good side together to win the bragging rights over Holty.



Thursday 17th December 2009

Three months after launching the development fund we seem to be on target to have around #10k in the account by the end of the year.  This is a magnificent effort and is down to all of you (and others) for us being able to declare this healthy figure.

To put your efforts into perspective we have now raised #955 from the easyfundraising venture.  I must confess to being a little disappointed with this because I do believe this can be a massive source of income at no cost to our fans.

However, I got a real wake-up call when talking to fundraisers at other clubs.  The ones I spoke to have made nothing like this amount, especially in such a short space of time.  


To date we have had a number of fund raising initiatives including the Irish Night organised by Paul B, Xmas Dinner, Scarves and Badges, 2012 Club, Easyfundraising, Season Ticket Raffle, DVD sales and one or two others.

We have still to come the New Years Day Dip (shared with the Brennan Rooney Fund) and Warren's annual "Sponsor a Sod".

All these together will take the fund to around #10k I think.


The long awaited fundraising website will be launched over xmas and you will receive notification of that.  The delay is entirely my fault but I will get it sorted soon - PROMISE :).

Finally, as is my custom, can I ask you all to try the easyfundraising site - it really is easy to use and costs you nowt.  You can get "free funds" or commission for shopping on line and it really doesn't cost you a penny more than you were going to spend anyway.

Could you all also try to recruit one friend to the database.  It really is a massive help.



Saturday 10th December 2009


Last night's pre-xmas dinner at Crofters was another successful fund raising venture and (from feedback to me on the night) was enjoyed by everyone who attended.  The development fund has benefitted to the tune of £460 as a result.

I would like to thank everyone who came and contributed towards a successful night.

With the players, coaches and directors spread around the room, most people had a rare opportunity to enjoy a meal whilst chatting with those 'in the know' at the club.

Those who attended from the club were Dave Nixon, Jon Livesey, Dave C, Steve Mc, Andy Henderson, Andy Bracek, Brett Mc and Richard Fletcher.

After the dinner, Dave Nixon, Steve Mc and Jon Livesey addressed the room and answered one or two questions.

Andy Henderson auctioned a Raiders playing shirt from last season (Dave Allen's) and new signing Richard Fletcher (who was a last-minute surprise guest) drew the raffle - all a bit dodgy though as he managed to pull out the hat Dave Clark's number, his own wife's number and my number!!!  However, all three of us refused to take our prize and the raffle went without a hitch from then on.

Speaking to Steve Mc and Dave C afterwards, both agreed it had been a good night and they and the players are happy to attend similar events in the future - however, with the season now almost upon us, the scheduling of these dinners needs to be well thought out so as not to interfere with the build up to matches.

We will try to schedule something in prior to the start of the league season at Easter and with this in mind will anyone who would like to put their name(s) down provisionally please email me.  Remember that there will be a limit of 70 places and it will be first come first served.


I will send out another email in the next few days summarising how the development fund has progressed over the last few weeks.  Needless to say we are all delighted with the response so far and this will be reflected in the (approximate) fund total thus far.



Monday 7th December 2009

Pre-Xmas Dinner with Coaches, Players and Directors

Crofters have now advised me they can fit a handful more in for the xmas dinner this Friday Evening at Crofters (Holbeck).

There are just eight places available for what promises to be a great night.  For just £20 you get a three course meal (choice of menu) followed by a question and answer session with the coaches, players and directors.  Under 16s are more than welcome if accompanied by an adult.

In attendance will be Steve Mc, Clarky, Andrew Henderson, Andy Bracek, Brett McDermott and Liam Harrison (all four being current internationals).  Directors who will be there are Jon Livesey and Dave Nixon.

Afterwards you will be able to chat to them all and have a drink or two or have a go on the karaoke in the main bar.

This really is a great chance to meet the people whomake this club tick - on and off the pitch.

The remaining places are to be sold on a first come first served basis.  Contact me for more details.



Tuesday 1st December 2009

I spoke to our chairman this morning (via text messages) and he is back to his old self and was hopeful of being released from hospital later today.

I thought it would be nice if we could all send him a 'get well soon' card to show our appreciation of what he has done for us over the last couple of years.

I mentioned this to a supporter who said why not send him an argos voucher instead of the cost of a card.  This sounds an excellent idea and when I ran it past Sharon (Des' sister) sehe said if fans did that she would buy him some exercise equipment (maybe an execrcise cycle) to help with his recovery.

It is up to individuals but it would be good if you could do one or the other to show we are all thinking about him.

So please send either an argos voucher for  couple of quid or a card if you prefer.

So that it is a surprise for Des can you post them to Sharon at

Unit 28

Trinity Enterprise Centre

Furness Business Park

Barrow in Furness


LA14 2PN

Hopefully we can get a good response to this one and I know Des will appreciate it.  he won't have a clue either because he never uses the computer.



Sunday 29th November 2009

Good morning everyone and as usual a warm welcome to those of you who have just recently registered for the 'supportbarrowraiders' database and are receiving one of these emails for the first time.


Due to people now not being able to attend, I now have four places spare for the Pre Xmas Dinner at Crofters on friday 11 December.  These will be sold on a first come, first served basis (just email me).

Tickets are #20 each fo a three course meal (choice of each course) and in attandance on the night will be new head Coach Steve McCormack, Dave Clark, all the Directors (except Des), and players Brett McDermott, Martin Ostler, Andrew Henderson and Chris Larkin.

You will be able to chat to all these throughout the night and there will be a question and answer session after the meal, followed no doubt by more drinks and the opportunity to talk to everyone on an informal basis.

The trophies won this season will be there too so you can have your photograph taken with them should you wish.

Children are welcome at this event.


Can those of you who are using the easyfundraising site please keep a track of your orders to make certain your commission is coming through.  If after 30 days your commission isn't showing please use the UNTRACKED ORDER form on the site.  

Occasionally (for some reason unknown) commission doesn't get credited but if you fill in the form easyfundraising will sort it out quickly.

I received the following from one of our fans who encountered this problem:

We ordered an oven from Dixons through easyfundraising on 24th October.

I noticed that after 30 days the Raiders had still not been allocated their entitled percentage so I had to fill out an untracked order form. As you can see below easyfundraising have creditted the Raiders account with #2:37 from their own funds.

So keep your eye on things please (and don't forget to use easyfundraising for all your on-line purchases, especially with xmas looming large.

We have already received well over #800 from this source of income but (as I keep reminding you all) it could be so much more and it needn't cost you a penny.

2012 CLUB

We will be getting a statement of income from this source some time next week but from the forms lodged at the Rugby Shop it appears we are now getting a tidy little three figure sum each week from this initiative.

Fans can donate as little as 25p each week and every penny goes straight towards ground developments/improvements.  If you would like more details about the 2012 Club just drop me an email.


Why not try the Rugby Shop for xmas presents for your loved one.  Plenty of stuff in there such as season tickets, coats, scarves, mugs, badges, books, etc, etc.

looking at the weather this morning, a coat and scarve would be a good present for any fan!!


I would like to thank everyone who has helped out with the fund over the last few weeks as we slowly start to get things up and running.  I won't name individuals as there have been so many, though each and everyone of them knows who they are.

If any of you feel that you can put on a function/event to help raise funds just get in touch and we will give you all the help we can in terms of advice, raffle prizes, appearances by players at your event, etc etc.



Monday 26th October 2009

A Dinner has been organised for Friday December 11th (7.30pm for 8pm)at Crofters in aid of the development Fund.

The dinner is a chance for supporters to dine with and meet new coach Steve McCormack, the 2009 Championship Coach of the Year Dave Clark and at least four members of the Barrow Raiders first team. Representatives from the Board of Directors will also be there.

The evening will comprise a three course meal followed by a question and answer session with the Raiders coaching staff, players and directors. Afterwards there will be the opportunity to mingle informally with the lads and chat about the future and our prospects for 2010.

The cost of the evening is just £20 per person and Under 16s are welcome if accompanied by an adult,  Unfortunately the cost for an Under 16 is the same as for an adult.  All profits will go directly into the development fund for ground improvements.

Places are strictly limited (maximum 60 persons) so if you want to attend you need to get in quickly.

The Championship League Leaders Shield and Champions Trophy will be there so you can have your photo taken with these magnificent pieces of silverware. Please email me to register your interest stating number of places you require.

It is strictly on a first come, first served basis.



Saturday 24th October 2009

Thanks to everyone (60 or so) who attended last night's meeting which enabled us to discuss a number of issues as a group.

There were some excellent ideas put forward but probably too many to do each one justice in terms of discussion time.

Over the coming week's I will organise further get togethers where we can focus on just one initiative.  This will enable us to maximise each idea.

We actually raised £100 or so for the fund last night by raffling a season ticket.

It was generally agreed that we need to push easyfundraising and the 2012 clu to a wider audience and we will endeavour to do this.




Wednesday 21st October 2009

Good evening.

It would appear my constant appeals and your reaction to them are beginning to bear fruit.

In the last 48 hours we have raised £63 via easyfundraising (total now stands at £429) and added 14 new members to that site.

The numbers on the database have risen by 44  in the same period and 156 of you should be receiving this email.

These big increases are all down to each an every one of you promoting what we are trying to achieve and all I ask is that you keep up the good work.

I spoke to Des earlier today and he is delighted with the support being shown by you all but we both agreed that we need a target of 2,000 members on this database, and also using easyfundraising.



It would be nice if we could go into Friday's meeting at the Raiders Bar with £500 raised through easyfundraising and 250 members on this database.  





Tuesday 20th October 2009

Since last night we have seen 27 more fans sign up to making 140 in total and our membership of has climbed by 9 to a total of 180.

We have now accrued £390:87 in just 24 days in this scheme which is an excellent start (it equates to around £6,000 a year).  This is with just a small number of active members.  If each and every one of you get logged on now and register for a few of the "Free Funds" this figure could rise ten-fold overnight.  Go on, try it - it is actually quite good fun making money for doing basically nothing.

Don't leave it up to others to do it - we must all play our part in getting enough money together to renovate and develop the ground.

One easy way to rack up the cash is to try the "easysearch" feature (at the bottom left of the easyfundraising home page).  Make this your home page and make ten or so searches each time you log on and that makes money.  It appears if someone does that every day for a year they will get credited with £20.  Doesn't seem a lot but if as a team we can get 2,000 people doing the same that will raise £40,000 in a year - even if none of us buy anything.

Also remember to do all your internet buying using the easyfundraising gateway - just get in the habit and it will become second nature.

Thanks again to one and all for putting up with my messages - i promise I will stop when funds hit #2 million LOL.





Sunday 18th October 2009

Welcome to the new members who signed up today - we now have exactly 100 like-minded people on the books!

Following my appeal this morning for everyone to get on easyfundraising and sign up to ebay and also LA Fitness, we have generated £7:50 through five payments from LA Fitness.

Nothing has come through from ebay yet, though I know this can take a day or two.

Thanks to those of you who gave it a go - so easy and potentially very lucrative.

Don't forget that there is a Fund raising meeting next Friday (23rd) in the Raiders Bar at 7:30pm.  Everybody welcome!



Thursday 15th October 2009

Thanks to all 61 of you who have signed up to this database already.  It really is important and I know Des will be grateful.

Des has promised to send out regular messages to all 'members' once the fundraising website is up and running in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile (as I requested last night) can each of you try to recruit ten new members today (stress to them that it is free and their data will not be passed to any third parties whatsoever).

If you are each successful in recruiting today then by tonight I should be sending an email to some 600 or more fans.

Sorry to keep banging on about this but if we can get our membership to a high level then everything else will fall into place and be a whole lot easier.

Cheers (and thanks again),


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